Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to finish my online course?

All video courses come with a 1 calendar year subscription, which means you will also have 365 days to complete all exam activities though the Johnson Iron Academics online courseware portal.  ​

How do I pay for an online course?

All transactions are made through the PayPal E-commerce portal. It is safe, secure, convenient

and easy to use. Each course title (texts included) has a flat price listed in the course description.

All payments are processed prior to course access. For more information, visit

Are there returns or refunds?

All online course enrollments and transactions are final. Please read the course descriptions carefully prior to enrollment. If you still have questions, please contact us via E-mail by clicking

the Contact Us link in the main menu above before paying for a course. Please allow 24 to 48

hours for an E-mail response.


Please enroll in the free courses to get a sample of how our website works:




How long does it take to complete a course?

Course enrollments last a calendar year, but all courses elements are self-paced. All courses

expire after 365 days and afterwards must be renewed. Any courses not completed prior to

the expiration date will be locked, and you will have to pay again in order to regain access. When

a course expires, there is a possibility that some or all progress could be lost. So it is always in your best interest to work swiftly and carefully to ensure that you complete activities daily in order to finish the course prior to its expiration date. Finishing early will allow you ample time to study, review, and revisit completed content prior to enrolling in a high school or college course.

How authentic are these classes?


Many customers ask, "How close are these courses to the actual grade level courses offered at a traditional school or college?"

Course content is included in the course description for each course. Please note that all content meets or exceeds the grade level content offered in the subject area. All topics covered are based

on  state standards and contemporary textbooks (e.g. if the course is a high school core class, the class we offer will meet or exceed the requirements described by the contemporary textbooks on the subject.)