About Us


Established in 2004, Math247 is the newest individual enrollment courseware provider on the Internet. On this site, we offer pedagogical solutions to challenging math, science and liberal arts subjects for grade school, high school, tech school and college. The products we offer help prepare our clients for the rigors of professional licensure exams, college entrance exams, high school equivalency tests, and post graduate exams. It is our hope that our clients become life long learners as we provide them with the tools to prepare for their unique academic challenges.


Proudly powered by pedagogical specialists at Johnson Iron Academics, the goal of our organization is to ensure that our clients are well prepared for future courses and the testing challenges they will face while in pursuit of their various academic goals. Whether you are preparing yourself for a standardized test, a future course, or are just working to improve your proficiency to perform better at your job, chances are Math247.com has a learning solution to help you develop basic and lasting knowledge in that subject area. We look forward to serving your needs as we continuously improve our flagship product lines.

Let Us Show You the Way...

Our team of experts have spent the last 15 years refining the fundamentals of mathematics, science and liberal arts pedagogy aimed at helping you become better informed and better prepared for the rigors of your academic challenges.